How Effective Is Luxi’s Learning Strategy?


The quality of learning is not entirely measured by the new set of knowledge acquired during training but more by what is left and is still stuck in memory after the training has been completed.

Luxi sets itself apart in terms of learning because it uses artificial intelligence as part of its adaptive learning platform. How effective and efficient is this kind of learning strategy? Let’s dive in.

  1. Stable, long-term memory. Luxi’s platform is built to combat the forgetting curve. It combines regular, spaced training with information retrieval practices such as reviews and memory recall. These reviews are usually timed at 30 seconds per item, just a few hours after learning the lesson.
  1. Higher retention rate. Luxi prides itself with a higher retention rate, with 60%-90% accuracy even six weeks after the training. This high level of retention comes as an advantage for organizations providing training to their employees. 
  1. Personalized and relevant. Luxi’s adaptive platform takes personalization to a deeper level because it only uses relevant information based on individual capabilities. It is tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike other training platforms that do not use adaptive learning, information can become too crowded and mentally draining, thereby affecting the learning process. Memory retention levels can become too low, and information can be forgotten in just a matter of days to weeks after training completion.

On the other hand, Luxi’s learning strategy is focused on gathering customized information, using effective learning mechanisms that deal with the forgetting curve, and eventually bringing about long-term results in terms of knowledge.

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