It’s time to make management and leadership training stick

The Forgetting Curve

How Much Do People Forget?

According to The Forgetting Curve, people forget a large majority of the new information they receive.

50 percent
Within One Hour
70 percent
Within 24 Hours
90 percent
Within One Week

Our Difference

What if you could access 1,000 hours of courses for the cost of a large pizza?

Luxi makes customized learning accessible – and affordable.

Our highly adaptive courses are designed to build your leadership and management team skills step by step.

Available in more than a dozen languages, and on any device of your choosing, Luxi is the no-excuses training you’ve been looking for.

Best of all; you can have it for $29.99 a month per user; that’s less than you’ll spend on lunch for each of them this month.

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