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Mastery = Retention

We get it; artificial intelligence sounds a little intimidating. Like a robot movie starring Will Smith.


We employ “machine learning” or artificial intelligence to help managers and leaders learn new information, embrace it deeply, and keep it in mind for the long-term.

Studies show that new concepts learned in a professional training environment fade quickly; a few weeks after class, you retain only about 60% of what you learn. And human attention spans are short, thanks in part to our digital lives. We flip from one distraction to another, leading to learning loss.


But Luxi delivers retention of 90% or higher, weeks after the learning event. That’s because we’ve figured out what it takes to remember new information:

  • Relevance – building on each lesson before it
  • Customization – adapting to each learner’s knowledge and style
  • Timeliness – courses are delivered when learners are most receptive

Luxi builds on resident knowledge, new skills and concepts. Then it cements them in your memory, where they stick. For a long time.

Watch Luxi in action:

The Forgetting Curve

How Much Do People Forget?

According to The Forgetting Curve, people forget a large majority of the new information they receive.


Within One Hour


Within 24 Hours


Within One Week

Luxi is the answer to
The Forgetting Curve

Modern learners are overwhelmed with entertainment choices throughout the day. They're consuming information in shorter, more personalized, and more engaging ways.

They also have short attention spans, crave instant gratification, and are distracted - but not too distracted to prevent them from wanting to learn.

  • 53% of employees feel they do their job better when trained properly
  • 47% want the freedom to complete training at their own pace
  • For training to make sense for the naturally distracted lifestyle of the modern learner, it has to be:
    • High quality
    • Efficient
    • Personalized
    • Available on demand

AI at Work

Luxi is the future of leadership and management training.

  • 6% of HR professionals currently use AI
  • 27% of HR leaders believe AI will positively impact learning & development
  • 26% of HR leaders support using AI in performance management
  • 59% of employees believe AI will improve operations
  • 37% of employees are confident AI will improve their work experience

*AI At Work - Oracle and Future Workplace

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