Tackling the Forgetting Curve with Luxi

forgetting curve

The forgetting curve is one of the major opponents of learning. Since almost 90% of what you learn can be forgotten in a span of one week, knowing how to deal with this drawback is essential in retaining important information.

Luxi tackles the forgetting curve with revolutionary solutions.

1. Customized learning with the help of artificial intelligence. Customization helps filter out “non-essential” information from the most important information. This allows the learner to focus more on unfamiliar topics and develop knowledge to attack weaknesses.

Information overload can be a problem, especially if the brain is bombarded with numerous topics all at once. Customized learning helps get rid of this problem.

2. Relevance. Before fully engaging in a certain lesson, relevant topics are reviewed to not only assess the knowledge of the learner but also prime the brain into learning new material with the purpose of making it stick long-term.

3. Proper timing. Timing is everything. Since personalization is a Luxi specialty, AI determines the learner’s aptitude and skill while using this information to help establish a suggested time where retention is fading. Luxi knows the importance of a timed review interval that will help the brain remember information before it is forgotten. 

Luxi’s AI also uses customized learning to determine which topics need to be reviewed more than others.

Quality Learning Helps Build Long-Term Knowledge

With the help of artificial intelligence, Luxi closes the gap between learning and the forgetting curve. This monumental learning process helps develop long-term memory, which could improve managerial and leadership performance throughout organizations.

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