The Learning Science Behind Luxi

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Studying a course does not guarantee total learning, especially when much of the information is forgotten within days or even a few hours. 

This is what makes Luxi different. It tackles the real issue behind the “forgetting curve” while incorporating new concepts and ideas that have a lasting impression on the brain. 

What Makes Learning with Luxi a Huge Success?

The learning science behind Luxi is attributed to its adaptive way of learning. It adjusts to the learner’s knowledge, receptiveness, and educational practices. This makes it highly customized, not the usual one-size-fits-all strategy offered by traditional learning programs.

Luxi’s customized learning approach makes it easier for the information to be processed and remembered, with a retention rate of up to 90%.

The key to this leading-edge system is the powerful artificial intelligence platform that customizes each lesson and adjusts it to the strengths and weaknesses of the learner. 

AI analyzes the learner’s knowledge and then processes this information to create a program that focuses on areas which need to be improved while minimizing those concepts that the learner has demonstrated proficiency and retention.

This strategy helps filter irrelevant information, preventing topic overload which can further lead to poor memory retention. 

The Countless Benefits of Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning makes it easy to take in new information in a shorter period amount of time while being more effective and efficient. 

This makes it an essential component to organizations when it comes to reviewing employee strengths, analyzing their weaknesses, and creating proper solutions to develop managers and leaders for future success.

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