What is Adaptive Learning And How Can it Improve Your Management Team?

All through life, you continue to learn. Even if you’ve been trained in the latest technology at your current role, the technology will continue to evolve, and require you to adapt your skills. Adaptive learning meets this need as it goes against the standard one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and retaining knowledge about new skills.

Computer sciences and cognitive research are allowing learners to receive a personalized, tutor-like, online teaching experience. It provides your management team a tremendous potential to create effective and time-efficient paths to mastery that are unique to each individual. These paths will enable them to improve business-based outcomes. 

How Adaptive Learning is Applied

Through the power of artificial intelligence or AI, adaptive learning, using machine learning, is always current and understands how to teach what is relevant to the learner’s needs. This system is able to determine the needs of the learner by looking at their learning patterns. The learning patterns are based on previous interactions with the system and future learning objectives.

Why Adaptive Learning is Important to your Management Team

The standard practice of teaching people new skills was to place all those needing training in the same room, show them the same material, and then test them together. It is a system that has been in place for decades; however, it is not the most reliable method to train your management team.

One of the benefits of the adaptive learning platform is how it is more time-efficient and decreases the time your management team will have to be away from their work space. In one example, a two-and-half day, instructor-led course was converted to an adaptive learning module that most team members mastered in less than eight hours, with some in as little as four hours.

Another benefit is how adaptive learning platforms improve employee proficiency as it identifies and addresses competency gaps. During these training modules, a team member is aware of what they don’t know. When the management team is unaware of knowledge gaps, it can become costly for business. When these areas are identified and addressed, they are then remediated.

Adaptive learning utilizing a robust AI platform will be the platform of choice in the future. The personalized learning approach ensures your management team retains relevant information to do todays’ work, while preparing them for the challenges of tomorrow.

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