The Future of Management and Leadership Training

Accelerate your learning, master any topic, and prove your knowledge.

Luxi's adaptive platform uses cognitive science and AI that results in strong knowledge retention and skill development fitting any schedule. Our highly adaptive courses are designed to build your leadership and management team skills step by step.


How it works: The AMP2™ Model

Accelerate learning, Master any topic, Prove what you know, and Predict future knowledge gains.
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Accelerate learning

Luxi's unique blend of cognitive science and artificial intelligence make learning more efficient and effective than with any other platform. That means Luxi users learn 4-5x more quickly and are more competent when they've completed their studies.

Master any topic

The cognitive science that powers Luxi works for all levels of management and leadership. Containing 1,000 hours of content, 100+ courses, Luxi ensures your training dollars don't go to waste. Whether you are an emerging leader or a seasoned leader, Luxi is for you.

Prove what you know

With Luxi's Knowledge Bank, you get a real-time view of your knowledge across every concept you've learned, including what needs review and what you know well.

Predict future gains

Luxi not only tracks the strength of all the individual concepts, but it also provides insight into how quickly you master a topic, or how diligently you study. This offers a window into how you will learn and perform in the future, something that no other learning platform can do.

Luxi is easy to implement and use


Get 90% training retention while cutting study time in half

Luxi is an adaptive learning platform, which means that our cognitive science-backed algorithm creates unique learning paths suited to the exact needs of each learner. Rather than the traditional LMS approach, which is like having a textbook online, Luxi is like having a personal tutor, who knows all of the subjects you are learning, how much progress you are making in each area, and what would be best to review at any given moment in order to build strong and stable memories.

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Gain deep insight, prove and predict knowledge

Luxi offers unparalleled insight into learning, through our Knowledge Bank. There, individual learners and admins alike can track real-time progress across every learning item in every course, allowing them to identify and address areas of weakness early on, as well as predict future performance. Mastery learning in Luxi is proof that the learner really knows the material — not just that they passed a one-time exam.

Just 3-4 short reviews with Luxi drives 90% accuracy for weeks and months

Making Knowledge Stick

Knowledge for which you have low retention fades quickly and is difficult to recall if you need it some days or weeks later. On the other hand, knowledge for which you have built high retention fades more slowly, so that you can recall and use that information when you need it, weeks, months, or even years down the line.


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