90% of your training investment vanishes within a week of course completion.

We think that’s a problem. Don't you?

Your Managers and Leaders are demanding change.

  • Seeking more relevant training experiences

  • Inability to track success through defined development plans

  • Understanding of strengths and weaknesses to unlock new opportunities

  • Time to commit to personal development while balancing personal life

You need a partner that meets these demands.

  • Real-world scenarios to get your managers and leaders problem solving together

  • Adaptive technology adjusts to meet learners where they are

  • Personalized learning, priced for less than a Netflix account

  • 100% self serve, available 24/7, so that you can determine your schedule

A Learning Platform Built With You In Mind

It’s time for a better learning experience built for the people who use it to make a real difference.

Transformative Learning

We are sharply focused on innovation that improves the learning experience. For managers, leaders and organizations.

Relentless Collaborators

We are on a mission to build a better training system together. We customize content that is in sync with your strategic imperatives.

Progressive Technology

We leverage technology that evolves training ecosystems. It’s relevant, flexible, multimodal, and drives business outcomes.

Accountable Visionaries

We are unconventional thinkers who passionately partner with those who share our vision to shape the future of technology in care delivery.

This is the future of management and leadership training.

With Luxi, you get convenient access and relevant learning experiences that costs less than traditional settings.

We’re empowering you to learn your way.

Luxi removes administrative tasks and customizes each course to meet your learning style.

This is the future of learning. Are you ready to stand out?

Learning Designed For You

Luxi combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, gamification, and cognitive science to deliver what each learner needs.

Luxi uses the teaching by asking method to adapt learning techniques with personalized content and reinforcement based on what each learner knows or does not know.

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Cerego is the adaptive learning engine powering Luxi Education and is based on proven learning science trusted by major brands including the U.S. Army, Target and NYU. Across independent studies, users have seen 5x the learning in half the time compared to traditional learning methods.

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